Succulent apricots thrive in the immediate vicinities of the Danube, ready to be transformed into my house-made apricot brandy.

Apricots & the Wachau

The Wachau region and apricots go hand in hand, much like a pot with its matching lid. I care for old apricot trees that provide succulent, perfectly ripe apricots on a quaint meadow each year. These delicious fruits are exclusively utilized to distil my very own signature apricot brandy.


My brandy is a unique offering from the Wachau region. The apricots used in its creation come from trees that have been standing since before the era of Grandfather Bruch. When the time comes to harvest, I carefully pick the perfectly ripe fruits multiple times per day. Each fruit is then hand-selected before the mashing process commences.

This elegant brandy is pleasantly juicy on the nose and leaves a soft, lingering finish. It's the ideal companion to desserts and casual get-togethers with friends.